I've just realized I did not myself yet.

I'm a 23yo with my own app on the playstore. Daily Driver on PC and currently / .

Favourite games are and .

Love tinkering with stuff, running my own @ home with and more.

Feel free to just ask stuff :)

It's not like it wasn't already obvious before... 🤷

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Dear #BigTech,

Stop trying to kill privacy.

It's NOT going to happen.

K. Bye. 👋

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I wanna test something, if you can see this post please vote. reblog for more reach, please.

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Guten Morgen Fediverse. Wir haben viele Fragen zum Beitrag von @kuketzblog zur Zensus online-Befragung bekommen. Der aktuelle Stand: Es ist kompliziert und es gibt noch offene Fragen, die das Statistische Bundesamt beantworten muss. Gute Zusammenfassung gibt es hier: heise.de/news/Datenschutz-Prob

FAQ zum Zensus allgemein aus Hamburg: datenschutz-hamburg.de/pages/z / ÖA

Never ever when switching to would I have thought that I can play so many windows only games with so little problems. And never ever would I have thought that the game making me the most problems would be a game directly from with a native Build running on (the base for ) 🙄

After a few days of nothing getting out of my instance it might now actually be part of the (maybe?) 😂


Selfhosted for the fun of selfhosting